Why Is Hot Water Extraction Best For Your Carpets?

Why Is Hot Water Extraction Best For Your Carpets?

Carpet cleaning Montmorency companies want to get your business, and since there are so many of them out there, they’ll tell you anything to get you to sign on the dotted line. To keep from being taken advantage of by carpet cleaners, it’s important to know what they say and what they actually do. One important thing to consider is that not all carpet cleaning methods are created equal, as some can damage your carpet or even your health. Hot water extraction, however, offers both easy cleanup and great results at the same time.

Hot water extraction cleans better than steam cleaning

Hot water extraction is best for your carpets because it cleans better than steam cleaning. It provides deep-down dirt and grime removal while also removing the odour-causing bacteria that live on your carpet. Steam Carpet cleaning in Montmorency just provides surface-level cleaning and can actually leave behind a sticky residue on the carpet fibres. With hot water extraction, the heat from the hot water opens up the carpet’s pores to release the dirt and other particles trapped deep inside. This allows for a deeper cleaning, which will make your carpet last longer.

It leaves your carpets smelling clean.

Hot water extraction is considered the most effective carpet cleaning method. This procedure uses hot water, detergent and shampoo to clean deep down into your carpets where dirt and debris are trapped. The hot water releases the soil from deep within your carpets and then vacuums it up to remove the dirt from the surface of your carpet fibres. As a result, you will have clean carpets that smell fresh. One way this process differs from others is that it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents, which can leave behind an unpleasant odour.

Hot water extraction is less stressful on your carpet fibres

One of the most popular methods for Carpet cleaning Nutfield is hot water extraction because it’s gentler on your carpet fibres. The process starts by gently pre-treating the affected areas of your carpets with a pH-balanced, eco-friendly cleaning solution. This will not only help break down any stubborn stains before they are removed, but it will also work to dissolve any ground in dirt and grime that has built up over time. This is followed by the use of a powerful high-temperature vacuum that will remove all dirt and debris from within the carpet fibres themselves. With this step complete, you can now rinse your carpets with an eco-friendly cooling rinse that ensures that there are no harsh chemicals left behind which could damage or irritate sensitive skin or respiratory systems.

When it comes to carpets, hot water extraction is superior in every way

There is no better way to clean carpets than with hot water extraction. This method uses high-powered, heated water that is sprayed through a cleaning wand and then extracted with a vacuum cleaner. The process loosens and removes dirt, stains, and allergens from deep within the carpet’s fibres meaning your carpets will be left feeling (and smelling) fresher than ever before. Plus, it’s the only Carpet cleaning Montmorency method that can remove ground-in dirt and stains.