Things To Consider Before Finalising Your Geelong Wedding Venue

Things To Consider Before Finalising Your Geelong Wedding Venue

When you have decided to tie the knot with your favourite person and even finalise the date, the next big question is where you will hold the most important and beautiful day of your life!

Your chosen venue will be captured in the photos and videos, making it a lifelong memory, so it should be appealing, right? But when you are selecting your ideal Budget wedding venue Geelong, you must take some things into consideration.

Just an eye-catching view is not enough, there are many other things that make your wedding perfect. Here, we have listed some of those essential things to help you select the right venue:

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Budget / Cost

Imagine finding your dream venue, but what if it doesn’t fit your budget? So, you must think deeply about the money factor because it matters a lot. You must think about the budget of your whole marriage and how much percentage of it should be allocated to the venue.

You must also consider the pricing package of the venue. Many provide overall price quotes, including event services, while many might charge extra for the same services.


If you have decided on the wedding date, you must first check if your ideal venue is vacant on that day. For convenience and more availability, you must start the venue search at an earlier stage, so you can easily set your wedding on your dead-set date.

Things become much easy when you have flexible dates, so you can ensure more options on hand and pick up the date based on your dream venue’s availability.

Wedding Theme

As we all know, the venue sets the tone of the wedding. For instance, if you want a rustic theme, you probably will not set your special day in a luxury hotel. And if you want to set a black-tie affair, then the barn will not be suitable. So, you might have at least one theme for your wedding venue Geelongin mind.

You should check if the potential venue matches your taste and preferences. Consider all the elements, such as decorations, menu selections, and overall feel of the place.

Maximum Capacity

Important people in your life will make your special days even more special. When planning the wedding, you might have at least a rough idea of the guests you want to invite. So, it is crucial to consider the guest capacity of a venue.

An estimate of the guests will help you decide the number of tables that need to be arranged and the configurations of space. It will also help you make decisions related to catering and transportation for guests.


So, you will need to decide on the guests, theme, and budget first. Then, you should narrow down your venue list and start touring each one.

You can’t know any venue without being there, so take plenty of time to explore. You should also make a list of questions to ask the property manager. And don’t sign any contract until you are sure you have found the perfectwedding venue Geelong; makeyour decision wisely after all the considerations.