Smart Way to Fix a Running Toilet Without Needing a Plumber

Smart Way to Fix a Running Toilet Without Needing a Plumber

Problems don’t arrive with permission, they just come into your life and turn everything into a mess, be it personal, professional, environmental, or even social. What if you wake up in the morning and find your bathroom in an overflow condition? Or how will you react while reaching at the home after a hectic workday and find foul water everywhere in the house? Obviously, it is frustrating and you will call the Plumber Preston immediately.

But, what if you could not be able to approach any plumber Coburg at that moment? How will you survive in the situation and keep your family and residents in a safe position?

There would remain any of the two reasons behind running the toilet. It can be due to water leakage from the tank into the bowl or the fill tube is refill excessive water into the tank which activates its overflow tube.

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In such a situation, you should stop the cause of the problem by adjusting tubes, flappers, and float.

Follow the below steps and you will feel like, fixing a running toilet is easy than you may think. Actually, you may be able to stop your toilet from running properly now, without leaving your home dirty. Read to know-how.

  • Flapper adjustment

The flapper of your toilet is nothing but a plastic cup at the bottom of the tank. After you use the toilet, flushing makes the flapper rises, which will allow water from the tank to enter the bowl. If the flapper is not properly flushed, then water will come back into the bowl. If such a situation happens, the tank will start draining until the refill tubes will fill up. The flapper issue is the most common one for running toilets. When you want to fix the problem immediately, turn off the toilet water and remove the flapper. Wash the scrub and cup completely. After that, put the flapper back and it will work for sure.

  • Float adjustment

The float of the toilet is attached to the fill valve. Once you flush the toilet, the fill valve will add water until the float. There comes a situation when the fill valve will unable to hold up the situation and it stops adding water. However, the fill valve can add lots of water. This will force the overflow tube to start draining the excess water, which will force the toilet to keep on running.

  • Inspect The Fill Tube

The fill tube is nothing but a small plastic tube that connects with the main fill valve to the overflow pipe. It may look like a small and flexible plastic tube. While the fill valve refills the toilet tank, the fill tube will remain in the charge of the bowl. The fill tube will remain above the water line in the tank, even if the tank is full. For solving the issue, you should either manually bend the tube up out of the water or you can cut it down.

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However, the above tricks are for normal toilet running condition. If the situation gets serious, it will become necessary to contact Plumber Coburg immediately.