Don’t Be a Plumber’s Nightmare: Teach Your Kids How to Prevent Blocked Drains

Don’t Be a Plumber’s Nightmare: Teach Your Kids How to Prevent Blocked Drains

How many times have you run around the house looking for a plunger when you were faced with an overflowing or blocked drain? It’s not just inconvenient; it’s also expensive! That’s why every time you go to the hardware store, you should pick up one of these useful tools and some tips on how to prevent blocked drains at home. Then, your child will be able to help out without even thinking about it! After all, prevention is better than cure—and we wouldn’t want to be a Plumber Surrey Hills‘ nightmare!


Teach your kids about toilet etiquette at an early age, and you’ll never have to worry about being that person who has to call the Plumber Surrey Hills because of a blocked drain. Plus, teaching your kids how to flush the toilet could save them some embarrassment down the road when they can avoid the dirty job altogether. They may even become known as ‘the go-to guy or girl in your neighborhood! 1) Place both hands over the top of the front part of the toilet bowl as if you were waiting for someone to give you something. 2) Push downward with enough force so that water is directed towards the back of the bowl rather than being splashed onto your clothing and floor.

Young smiling plumber fixing a sink in the kitchen.

Kitchen sink

– Make sure the rubber stopper on the drainpipe is in place and that it is covered with water to create an air-tight seal. – Keep everything off of your sink that might fall into it (i.e. dishes, silverware, towels, children, pets) – To clear away food particles from your drainpipe before they can block up the pipe, you’ll need an appliance called a sink plunger which you can find at most hardware stores or online retailers. Follow these steps: Place the rubber cup part of the plunger over your Blocked Drains Surrey Hills, and pull back with all your might while pressing down on the base until you feel or hear some air or suction. Repeat as necessary.


Help your kids become future Plumber in Surrey Hills and not the ones who are struggling to unclog the drain in their sinks by making sure they are cleaning up after themselves. Here are some simple steps on how to train your little ones into clean freaks. Start at an early age. Just as soon as they have an understanding of what clean means, start by teaching them that whenever they use something dirty like their hands or a spoon or anything else that could come in contact with bacteria, wash their hands right away with soap and water and dry them off thoroughly. Hand sanitizer can be used too but make sure it is safe for children under age 3 years old if you use it on those very young kids.


Blocked Drains Surrey Hills are expensive, but with a little knowledge and effort, you can teach your kids how to avoid them. Avoid the risk of learning the hard way by giving your kids the tools they need to have successful plumbing habits.