How SEO & Website Designing work together?

How SEO & Website Designing work together?

SEO and website development – especially designing – has a major role play to get a high ranking. In case you are finding it for the first time, you would want to explore the following information on the relationship between website designing and SEO Gold Coast.


Anyone who has even a little knowledge of SEO or web designing should know the value of a website that is mobile-friendly. Actually, if this is not something you have done yet, you are already some years behind your competitors.

Google prioritized mobile-friendliness as the key factor for ranking in the year 2015. In 2017, the search giant introduced mobile-first indexing to the users. Therefore, it can be clearly seen how positively Google views mobile-friendly websites, but unfortunately, only fewer websites know about it.

The numbers of desktop users are decreasing rapidly because people browse more on their smartphones. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make your website mobile-friendly.

More than half of the mobile devices are bringing more traffic, which means more than half of your viewers can also be on their smartphones.

A website design that is not mobile-friendly could be accidentally estranging most of your users.

This is big!

Having a website with a high bounce rate because of not loading properly on a mobile phone or tablet could send bad signs to Google, and your ranking will drop.

Readable Design

If you want to enhance your SEO Company, the content is something that has spent a lot of time on.

Some people don’t realize that design, at least the presentation, can put a huge impact on a website’s ranking.

Poor website design can make it unfeasible for users to easily read what they came for on your website.

Having blocks of content in a strange place with many hyperlinks that don’t serve the true purpose, essentially removes any audience that you directed to bring onto the website.

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And if the users can’t get the information they want, what is the point?

You might have experienced that some websites have texts, impossible to read due to the page design. Maybe it is because of light-coloured text on a completely white background or dark colour on black background. Such designs recall those 1990s terrible websites.

Also, don’t forget to use the most readable font family.

Gain the trust of users

Unlike other SEO factors, you can’t measure the number of people who trust your website. However, gaining the trust of your audience is a huge part of ranking your website higher.

Undoubtedly, most people are fast to make opinions, and once you do that, it’s difficult to change the mind.

Over the past few years, we have seen perfect websites that provide a better User Experience. That’s what we expect to know when a new website is launched.

We want to see a clean, well-managed, easy to navigate, and quick loading website that has useful information. These kinds of websites seem trustworthy, and people often prefer shopping or hiring such professionals.

So what’s the wait?

Contact your SEO Gold Coast experts and enhance the designing of your website so that you can improve your business and get increased revenue.