A Complete Guide on Common Dining Room Table Shapes Before choosing

A Complete Guide on Common Dining Room Table Shapes Before choosing

If you’re shopping for a new dining room table, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself first. What is the purpose of the table? Who will use it in your home? How many people will sit at the table most often? Will you need to add extra chairs from time to time? Where will the table be placed in your home, and how much space does it need to fit into? What shape would work best for your space and lifestyle? This guide will help you understand what style of hardwood dining table is best for your situation, along with information on common dimensions and shapes.

Rectangular Dining Room Tables

This is a dining room table shape that can be used to hold any size of the room. The rectangular shape makes it ideal for smaller spaces, but it also works well in larger rooms.

Table sizes vary greatly, so you’ll want to make sure you get the right size based on how much space you have available and how many people you’re going to be hosting at once. Rectangular tables come in all different shapes and sizes; some are small enough to fit in alcoves, while others are so large they need multiple leaves to expand them into the width of your kitchen or living room. If your hardwood dining table comes with leaves (also known as extensions), keep in mind that not all products will have adjustable lengths—some may have fixed leaves instead of being able to extend easily from one end or another.

Regardless of what type of base your table has (wooden legs, metal legs, etc.), always check its stability before making any purchases! If possible, try moving around chairs or boxes on top just to see if anything wiggles back and forth too much; if this happens, then consider either looking into different styles/types altogether (or making sure there’s enough weight evenly distributed across each section).

Square Dining Room Tables

The most popular dining room table shape is square. And it’s easy to see why: these tables are the most versatile, able to seat up to 10 people comfortably with space leftover for a few side chairs. You’ll find that many round and rectangular tables can accommodate 6 or fewer diners comfortably, but square dining room tables accommodate double this number in one seating area. This makes them ideal for families who typically eat together at meal time on a daily basis (and who don’t mind sharing their space).

Square dining room tables are also great if you have limited space. As the name suggests, they’re perfectly symmetrical in shape—and because of this, they won’t take up as much floor space as other shapes would take up while still providing ample surface area for your family or guests to enjoy their meals on. If you’re working with a particularly small kitchen or dining nook but still want to be able to entertain guests by hosting dinner parties from time to time or holiday gatherings where everyone needs a place setting, then consider getting yourself one of these compact pieces. instead!

A Complete Guide on Common Dining Room Table Shapes Before choosing
A Complete Guide on Common Dining Room Table Shapes Before choosing

Round Dining Room Tables

Round dining tables – also known as circular dining tables – are perhaps the most intimate of all types. They can be used to create a more intimate setting for just two people or a large group; however, round tables tend to take up less space than rectangular ones. If you are looking for a table that will help make your dining room seem larger and brighter, then consider using a round table instead of other shapes.

Because they have no corners or edges, these shapes provide more seating without taking up much room in the room itself. For example: if you have 12 seats around an oval table with each seat being 18″ wide (each passenger has 2″ on either side of them, which equals 20″), then that gives us 240 square inches per person using only 528 square inches total which are less than half (less than 25%) of what would be needed if everyone sat at an 8-foot long rectangular table with seats 30″ apart (720 square inches per person).

Oval Dining Room Tables

Oval tables are great for small spaces because they have a smaller footprint than rectangular tables. They can also be used to seat up to 8 people and come in many different styles. If you have a large room, an oval dining table might not work for you. But if your dining room is on the smaller side or you want to create a more intimate space, an oval dining table may be just what you need.


If you’ve never been the one to consider a dining room table’s shape before buying, we hope this guide changes your mind. The shape and size of the hardwood dining table can make a difference in how comfortable it is for you and your guests. It’s also important to be aware of your room’s dimensions so that you choose a shape that fits best in the space. Remember, there are no strict rules about which shapes work best together with certain base types or chairs—it all comes down to what makes sense for you! Take some time and explore different options until something feels right, then go for it!