Can Orthopedic Surgeons Relieve Neck Pain?

Can Orthopedic Surgeons Relieve Neck Pain?

Neck discomfort isn’t only a nuisance but can also indicate a condition that needs treatment at a deeper level, such as arthritis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs and more.

It may be time to seek treatment from the best orthopedic surgeons in Kenya if you suffer from acute or persistent neck discomfort.

You don’t have to endure persistent neck pain, in actuality.. An orthopaedic specialist can utilise various techniques to identify the underlying reason and provide a unique course of treatment.

Some Home Remedies That Can Help With Mild Pain:

Home remedies for mild to moderate neck pain frequently include:

  • Hot and Cold Compressions.
  • Lifestyle and Posture Adjustments.
  • Pain Medications.
  • It could be time to see the best orthopedic surgeons in Kenya if these at-home neck pain remedies don’t make you feel any better.

Neck Pain Treatments From An Orthopedic Specialist

What should you expect from an orthopaedic doctor’s consultation?

Surgery is a common form of treatment offered by orthopaedic doctors. However, a good surgeon may not necessarily propose surgery just because you see him or her.

Minimally invasive procedures are always the primary line of therapy by the leading orthopaedic surgeons in Kenya. Then, if these mild or moderate therapies don’t yield the expected outcomes, they look into more involved procedures like surgery.

Here are some of the most common treatments recommended by orthopedic specialists:

Exercises in physical therapy strengthen muscles, enhance range of motion, and improve flexibility. Enhancing posture and spinal alignment through strength and flexibility training is essential for reducing neck pain.

In addition to promoting healing, immobilisation can help pain management and injury avoidance. Limiting movement in the neck region can occasionally aid in the healing process. Therefore, the physician may advise using a neck brace for a period.

Surgery: If more conservative treatment options aren’t yielding the desired outcomes, surgery may be the next step. It depends on what’s causing your neck pain from the inside out.

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Diagnosis Overview: What To Expect When Working With An Orthopedic Doctor

Neck pain is not the same for everyone. Finding the source of your discomfort is your top priority when visiting an orthopaedic physician.

The diagnostic process varies depending on whether you see a general practitioner or a specialist.

What to anticipate throughout the orthodontic diagnosis procedure is as follows:

Medical Background: The doctor will request your complete medical history, including any previous neck-related illnesses.

An examination of the body Your orthopaedic expert will conduct a physical examination to determine the location of the discomfort, whether it is localised or radiating, and assess your neck’s range of motion and overall health.

Testing the Extremities: The doctor may test the arms and legs to see whether the neck pain is related to any nerve problems.

Digital imaging can reveal details about the location of the spinal discs, bones, nerve roots, muscles, and more. This includes X-rays and other digital images. Additionally, blood testing is also advisable.

Orthopedic Services: Acute Neck Pain And Preventive Services

An orthopaedic doctor can help you prevent problems in the future and treat your neck pain right now.

Make sure to select the best orthopedic surgeons in Kenya when you are ready to consult a specialist.