Why CPR Course Should Be Mandatory For All Adults?

Why CPR Course Should Be Mandatory For All Adults?

Even if you have never needed to perform chest compressions or use an automated external defibrillator (AED) yourself, knowing CPR is a useful skill. If you are in a situation where someone needs help—say, you witness someone having a heart attack on the street or at work—you will be prepared to help them.

CPR course Brisbane should be mandatory for all adults because it’s easy to learn and can save lives. You don’t have to be in emergency services or nursing to learn CPR.

In fact, everyone should learn basic first aid skills like how to stop bleeding, treat burns and other emergencies that can happen in everyday life.

Saving Lives in Emergencies

If you have a CPR course Brisbane, you can be a hero. You can save a life. You can help someone in need. You can save a family member or friend. You could even be the difference between life and death!

CPR is not just for doctors and nurses; it’s for everyone who loves someone who needs medical attention at some point in their lives–and that’s everyone on Earth! If there was one thing I would want everyone to know about CPR training courses, it would be this:

CPR course

CPR Can Double or Triple Survival Rates

CPR is a lifesaving technique that can double or triple survival rates in people who suffer cardiac arrest. It’s also easy to learn, and it’s free and available online.

CPR can be performed by lay people, meaning you don’t have to be a medical professional to save someone’s life with this simple technique.

The research estimates that about 80 percent of sudden cardiac arrests happen at home; therefore, it’s important for everyone who lives with an at-risk person (elderly relatives, young children) or works closely with them (teachers) not only know CPR but also practice it regularly so they’re prepared when an emergency occurs in their presence.

CPR is Easy to Learn

CPR is easy to learn. In fact, you can learn CPR in just a few minutes and then be confident that you know what to do if someone suffers cardiac arrest.

CPR is something that anyone can do, regardless of age or health status. Even children are able to perform effective chest compressions on an adult victim in an emergency situation!

A Small Investment Can Have a Big Impact

CPR is a skill that’s easy to learn, and can double or triple survival rates. It’s also a small investment with a big impact. Studies show that when people are trained in CPR, they’re more likely to perform it correctly during an emergency situation than those who aren’t trained.

As you can see, CPR course Brisbane is a simple and effective way to save lives. The fact that it’s not mandatory for adults in most states is a tragedy, but there are ways to get around this problem.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of CPR and how it can help save lives, give an expert call today!