Too Busy? Try These Interior Design Tips for Zen Style Bedrooms

Too Busy? Try These Interior Design Tips for Zen Style Bedrooms

Zen style bedrooms are an ideal way to create a relaxing and peaceful space in your home. And while zen design usually comes with a particular aesthetic (think lots of white, wood finishes, and natural materials), it’s actually quite easy to incorporate elements of zen into any bedroom style. Working with Best Interior Designer In Ahmedabad is a great way to get started. They’ll help you find the right balance of style and function that will make your bedroom feel like a calming retreat. And while there are many elements of zen style, here are five easy ways to incorporate them into your space:

Keep the color palette simple.

A Zen bedroom has a simple colour palette consisting of one dominant colour and a few accent colours. You could, for example, use black and white as primary colors—either as the only two colours in the room or as an accent (such as a throw pillow on the bed). Best Interior Designer In Ahmedabad suggest using blue and green to create monochromatic schemes with high contrast. Orange with purple or red with blue would be complementary colour schemes. A similar colour scheme would be yellow with green or red with orange.

Mix soft textures.

Soft textures are key to setting the mood for a Zen bedroom. Try mixing soft fabrics like velvet and suede with fur, which is an easy way to add texture without being too overbearing. If you’re looking for more traditional materials, use suede or leather on your headboard and ottoman to match this look.

zen style room

Installing some area rugs will also give your room a cozy feel while keeping it warm and inviting. Soft lighting is another important element of the Zen aesthetic—candles are great when they’re not lit! 

Add in layers of lighting.

Zen bedrooms are designed to be calming, so you don’t want to create too much of a contrast or distraction. You can add layers of light by using different types of bulbs and fixtures. For example, recessed lighting is great for creating an overall glow that adds warmth to the room. 

  • Table lamps provide more focused light that can be moved around as needed. 
  • Floor lamps provide ambient lighting from below and also make your bed seem higher up in the room, which helps with feng shui design principles (more about those later). 
  • Wall sconces are another good option for adding layers of light because they’re easy to install and aren’t too bright—perfect for smaller spaces like bathrooms! 

Finally, accent lights such as floating wall sconces or lanterns will keep things looking nice without being overpowering.

Consider a platform bed.

Platform beds have become popular in recent years. They are low to the ground, with a flat surface that functions either as a headboard and/or footboard or as a platform for your reading and watching TV. 

zen style bedroom

Platform beds can also be used in lieu of nightstands, giving you more space to store your things. If you’re into zen-style bedrooms, consider using a platform bed that is minimalist in design to create an informal yet elegant look.

Avoid knickknacks and clutter.

Clutter can make a room feel smaller and more cluttered, so it’s important to keep the area clear and uncluttered. The last thing you want is to have a messy bedroom that makes you feel like you’re living in a fire hazard.

Also, clutter can be distracting when you’re trying to relax or get some work done, so it’s best not to have any excess knickknacks or decorations in your Zen-style bedrooms. When in doubt about whether an item belongs, ask yourself if its purpose is functional or decorative—if it’s the latter, then it goes!


We hope that our tips have helped you find inspiration for creating a zen style bedroom. If you still need more decorating ideas, don’t hesitate to contact Best Interior Designer In Ahmedabad who help you turn your room into something beautiful and relaxing.