Avoid these Men’s Jewelry Mistakes to look Classy

Avoid these Men’s Jewelry Mistakes to look Classy

Who says silver jewellery online buyers are women only? Men fascinate jewels too. And just to make sure that you buy the best piece for you or your man, here we are, yet with another guide.

So read ahead to avoid the biggest men’s jewellery mistakes.

Lacking in Confidence

Sometimes, it’s okay to push your boundaries.

Most of the guys don’t wear jewellery because they don’t feel confident.

To gain confidence, all you need to do is visit the best jewellery store for window shopping. Try a piece or two, and see how you look.

Some salespersons are extremely knowledgeable about the product. They will lead you to the best piece and provide you with all the crucial information. They will even help you to build your confidence by complimenting you for the right piece.

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Not paying attention to your surroundings

Even if you are extremely fond of accessories, make sure that these are situation appropriate. What’s happening around you matters a lot.

Some examples of such environments include:

  • Interview/ At work – Consult the dress code before visiting a company for an interview or otherwise. Keep your jewellery modest for playing safe as you wouldn’t want to be labelled as unprofessional or braggadocios…
  • Funerals – Your motive for attending a funeral is to gain attention. So wear any subtle jewellery to be respectful.
  • School – School is the place where you attain knowledge and polish your skills. Therefore, you must keep the jewellery limited here. Also, some institutes or schools might have certain guidelines in which wearing any sort of jewellery is prohibited. Hence, you might have to stick to the strict dress codes while you are studying.

Extremely Accessorized

They say,

“jewellery is that last thing that you put on but the first thing that you see.”

They told the truth.

While shopping at your favorite fashion jewellery shop, know how much jewellery is too much. Ensure that you accessorize with your clothes.

Don’t pick something that overpowers your clothes. Every accessory that you wear should complement your entire look.

Another thing you need to consider is the types of outfit. You might want to opt-out of certain types and amounts of jewellery having different looks. For say, earrings might not match with your suit.

Wearing Unbalanced Jewelry

Unbalanced jewellery is same as over-accessorizing as it draws too much attention to only a part of your body.

The best example is a necklace. Many men stack two or three necklaces. This throws off your entire look because your jewellery is catching attention as the whole instead of the entire outfit.

Also, stacking necklaces will block the neckline as well.

Not choosing the right jewellery for your skin tone 

We all have different undertones in our skin. This undertone defines which metal will look better on us.

Have a look at the following undertone tests:

  • Purple or blue veins: Cool skin tone
  • Green Veins: Warm skin tone
  • Green, blue, and purple veins: Neutral skin tone
  • After determining your undertone, follow the given below:
  • For cool skin tone, light metals: white gold, platinum, or silver
  • For warm skin tones, yellow metals: Yellow gold, brass, or rose gold
  • For neutral skin tones: Yellow and White metals

So if you have a neutral or cool undertone, go shop Silver Jewellery online.