5 Times You Should See a Divorce Attorney

5 Times You Should See a Divorce Attorney

People facing the end of their marriage often have many questions about their rights as individuals and as parents, and whether or not they’ll need to hire a divorce attorney. For some people, it may be obvious that they’ll need one, while others may find themselves wondering if it’s even worth it. If you’re considering whether or not you should hire a Divorce Attorney in Melbourne, keep these five times in mind as an indication that you might need one.

1) When it feels like you are being taken advantage of

Legal issues in any situation can be complicated, and divorce is one of those situations where it pays to know as much about your rights as possible. If you think your spouse is cheating or if he or she is taking advantage of you financially, you might want to consider seeing Divorce Attorney Melbourne. A legal professional can help you make sure that what’s being done is fair and by the book. That’s when it pays to see an attorney, so don’t hesitate!

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2) If your spouse isn’t following court orders

Court orders and separation agreements can be tricky to enforce, especially when one spouse is intentionally evasive. If you’re trying to enforce your agreement but are having difficulty, it may be time to consult with an attorney. Many spouses find that consulting with an attorney offers them extra leverage they can use in negotiating; they don’t necessarily need to file papers if they feel their partner will simply comply once presented with evidence of how serious an issue could become. While it doesn’t guarantee that your spouse will play nice, consulting with an attorney is often worth your time.  

3) Before filing for divorce


There’s no set timeline for filing for divorce, but keep in mind that if you haven’t been separated for at least six months, your spouse may be able to contest it. So think carefully about your reasons and evaluate whether you can wait six months before making any rash decisions. If not, speaking with a lawyer may help ease some of your anxiety—and might even make it possible to speed up the process. Discussing your case with someone who isn’t emotionally involved can provide much-needed clarity as well as insight into what to expect moving forward.

4) After mediation fails

Remember that after mediation and both parties are unable to reach an agreement, legal action will ensue. At any point during mediation, if either party does not like what is being proposed, they can walk away from the table and go straight to court. In fact, it’s very common for one party to ask for a court date before mediation even begins. That being said, mediation is usually used as a precursor to litigation because it allows attorneys and clients more time to think about their case as well as come up with an agreeable solution that everyone can live with.

5) If your spouse isn’t cooperating with the property division Divorce is hard enough. It can be especially frustrating when your spouse is dragging their feet on giving you access to the property, or if they won’t work with you to divide assets and debts. If these types of issues arise—or if there are other reasons why you need legal representation for divorce—it may be time to call in a lawyer. But what should you do if your spouse disagrees? What happens if they refuse to hire a Divorce Attorney Melbourne? More importantly, how do you protect yourself from being taken advantage of by someone who doesn’t play fair?