5 Myth Busted About Mosquito Spraying Service

5 Myth Busted About Mosquito Spraying Service

Many of us dread the mosquito season, and we often want to do as much as possible to keep these pests at bay. However, there are many misconceptions about how mosquitos interact with humans and how best to prevent them from biting. 

Let’s take a look at some common myths about mosquito spraying Plymouth County services that you can bust on your next summer adventure!

Myth #1: Chemical Bug Spraying is not Safe

The first myth that we’ll bust is the idea that mosquito spraying is not safe. While it’s true that you should be careful when deciding who to hire for this service, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy or difficult process. In fact, if you know what questions to ask and where to look for answers, finding someone qualified is relatively easy!

When looking at companies offering mosquito spraying Plymouth County services, make sure they use a misting system. This type of spraying uses water droplets that are too small for humans or pets to notice. It doesn’t produce large clouds of vapor like other methods. 

Myth #2: Only Mosquito Mist Spraying Or Mosquito Traps Work

If you have a small area to cover and don’t want to pay for mist spraying services, mosquito traps may be an option for you. However, these products do not cover as much ground or last as long as mosquito mist spraying does.

Additionally, if your property is large enough that it would take too long for one person or company to spray all of it at once, then may be mosquito mist spraying would be cost-effective!

Myth #3: You Can Avoid a Mosquito Bite by Wearing Long Pants or Long Sleeves

While it’s true that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours, they can still bite through fabric and thin clothing if they are hungry enough. While the larvae stage of their life cycle requires water in order to survive and reproduce, adult mosquitoes feed on blood.

Myth #4: Bug Spray Is Not Necessary If You Stay Indoors

The truth is, mosquitoes can fly up to a mile and can lay eggs in your yard. This means that if you have a mosquito problem at home, it’s not just going to stay outside; they will come inside your house too! 

So even if you don’t go outside much or plan on spending all day indoors, it’s still important to protect yourself from mosquitoes with an effective repellent like OFF! 

Myth #5: You Don’t Need Pest Control Services During The Winter

While it’s true that winter temperatures can kill off adult mosquitoes, their eggs are not so easily destroyed. In fact, they can survive in the soil for up to two years! This means that even if it’s cold outside and you think you don’t have anything to worry about, there could still be mosquitoes lurking nearby.  

If you live near a body of water or other sources of standing water, then your home is at risk for an infestation during these colder months.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about 5 myths about mosquito spraying Plymouth County and now you have a positive thought about that. We can’t wait to help you get rid of those pesky bugs!